At Feast Your Eyes we strive to create games that allow all participants to take part and enjoy themselves, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, sexuality, relationship status, age, religion, disability status, transgender status or any other real-world characteristic.

Many of our games are historical in setting, but we have intentionally created “pockets” of fiction within these to play out the game we have designed, regardless of historical attitudes – characters should be created to fit into these settings, and claiming historical authenticity is not an acceptable response to a conduct warning.

We have chosen to remove historical prejudice that would cause participants discomfort. We do not run games with historical discrimination as a part of them and participants are not allowed to raise those themes.

Inebriation, roleplay or that it was “a joke” are equally unacceptable. In order to build worlds that everyone can take part in, we as a community have to take responsibility for our actions and make space for all other participants.

Our site contains several settlements built by the community, and some of these may be available to sleep in at our games. This is not strictly accommodation, but may be more accessible for overnight sleeping arrangements than putting up a tent. These are usually available on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up quickly, however we are able to reserve a limited number per event based on need.

Unfortunately many parts of our site are not wheelchair accessible, and due to the off-grid nature of the site, without running water and mains electricity, some participants may find it easier to stay in a nearby hotel.

Behaviour and Conduct Rules:

  • All Feast Your Eyes games are gender neutral and do not expect participants to conform to particular gender roles.
  • You are expected to act in a respectful and inclusive manner towards players, crew and game runners, and not choose a character type that behaves in a manner that will offend others out of game. Our games are set in fictional states, regions and islands within history to allow us to create settings where all participants can enjoy themselves, regardless of historical attitudes to gender, race, sexuality and other protected characteristics in the relevant historical period.
  • It is not acceptable to insult another participant based on an out-of-character attribute such as height, weight and other out-of-character physical appearance characteristics, or remark upon such traits in any way that is discriminatory.
  • Non-consensual sex of any kind is not part of any Feast Your Eyes game. Any reference to such will be met with a final warning.
  • Anyone found pushing or openly behaving in a way that is NOT within the game brief will be asked to leave.
  • Please remember that the people around you may have been affected by issues you want to play out in game. Checking in with other players beforehand is encouraged and subtly going OC to do this is not immersion breaking.
  • If Out-Of-Character you are requested to refrain from discussing sensitive topics then you must stop and respect that other participant’s enjoyment of the game may include avoidance of real world issues Out Of Game.
  • Real world political and social ideologies must be left at the door and not brought into the weekend.
  • Any directed assault or harassment should immediately be taken up with the site wardens, Johnny Fisher or Kitty Dobson, so appropriate measures can be taken. This may mean the end of the game and police involvement.

We reserve the right to prioritise safety over the continuation of a game.

We operate a “Final Warning” conduct system, whereupon for the majority of issues, if an attendee does not follow the rules outlined in our conduct policy, they receive a final warning.

If they continue to abuse the trust of our community, they receive a ban from all Feast Your Eyes Games, as well as a ban from all other events held at Gunman Airsoft Eversley by EYELarp. In some rare cases we may issue a ban immediately, without giving a final warning, if it is our belief that the participant in question poses a danger to the safety of others. This is entirely at the discretion of the Feast Your Eyes team as a company – we reserve the right to refuse service to the games and site we manage to protect the LARP and airsoft communities we are a part of.

Safety issues arising from players or crew should be brought to the organisers’ notice as soon as possible so they can be dealt with before the situation can escalate, but we understand that this is not always possible.

Under GDPR rules we cannot publish lists of attendees names, or share the list of banned individuals from our events, however if you have concerns about an attendee, please get in touch via which is run/monitored by Kitty Dobson and Johnathan Fisher.