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Operation Dustoff 7.7 “Operation Cajun Chicken Two” US Civil War
9th-11th October 2020

Creole Coconut
The Governor of Louisiana, John Matrix (himself a former ‘commando’), has caught wind of the mess unfolding out in the swamps and bayou. With Colonel Troutman ignoring his orders to stand down and report to the governors office in the city of Louisiana he has been stripped of command. As he had already ordered all radio communication to cease except for between trusted subordinates, using the the captured radio as a cover, only him and a select few officers know this.
After numerous failed attempts to contact Colonel Troutman the Governor has decided he has no choice but to call in the State Troopers, armed only with Rubber Bullets and Batons they have been tasked with bringing the rogue colonel to justice. Can they quell the blood lust on both sides or will they just cause more trouble?

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