Within deepest Upwold are rural Hamlets, hidden in the trees amongst the bone white of the birch trees. Things walk the forests, things that are friends and things that aren’t.
This is not Varushka, this is not life and death, this is the Marches, where deals and work and toil and blood are everyday.
Many a Marcher would say “From earth we come to earth we go”.
In the deep woods the phrase is different “From earth we come to her woods we go”

1st-3rd October 2021
Gunman Airsoft Eversley, The Welsh Drive, Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0QB
Tickets are £75, with a £35 part payment and the remaining £40 to be paid at registration on the 19th March.

Feyfolken is an upcoming live action role playing event set within Profound Decisions Empire setting.

It will be dealing specifically within the Folk Horror Theme of the Marches Nation. The event is conceived to be mid to high peril with Folk Horror elements akin to famous Theatrical releases such as Midsommar, The Birch and of course The Wickerman.
This event would be suitable for Characters who have an interest within the magic and darker places of the empire, or for players who enjoy the horror setting.

For up to date information about the event click here to join the Feyfolken facebook group

For More information with regards to the source material please visit this link

and specifically the Marchers, once village of whom will be the hosts of this event click here

Tickets will be available from the link below from 8pm on Thursday the 1st of October 2020

Get your tickets here!

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