FYE Events

Postponed date:1st-3rd October 2021

Within deepest Upwold are rural Hamlets, hidden in the trees amongst the bone white of the birch trees. Things walk the forests, things that are friends and things that aren’t.
This is not Varushka, this is not life and death, this is the Marches, where deals and work and toil and blood are everyday.
Many a Marcher would say “From earth we come to earth we go”.
In the deep woods the phrase is different “From earth we come to her woods we go”

Walk the Longest Path
Postponed date: 1st-3rd April 2021

It has been a long Autumn and Winter; the war on nearly every front continues apace, and there is no end of requests of support from every corner of the Empire. But regardless, the old march must go on… We know that better than any.

The trods must be walked, and if the road leads to a steading with a roaring fire and a well stocked mead hall, all the better. There is talk that the Voice of the Nation Idwyn Splitroot is staying in the nearby steading of Dol Delyn, and hosting a night of Songs and Stories while she’s there. The locals steadings have also requested a few extra spears to deal with banditry and the like – surely not a problem that the heroes of the Empire can’t fix?

Walk the trods, keep the paths safe, and celebrate the culture of our Nation. Practically a holiday.

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