Walk the Longest Path

Walk the Longest Path
***NEW DATE: 1st-3rd April 2022***

It has been a long Autumn and Winter; the war on nearly every front continues apace, and there is no end of requests of support from every corner of the Empire. But regardless, the old march must go on… We know that better than any.

The trods must be walked, and if the road leads to a steading with a roaring fire and a well stocked mead hall, all the better. There is talk that the Voice of the Nation Idwyn Splitroot is staying in the nearby steading of Dol Delyn, and hosting a night of Songs and Stories while she’s there. The locals steadings have also requested a few extra spears to deal with banditry and the like – surely not a problem that the heroes of the Empire can’t fix?

Walk the trods, keep the paths safe, and celebrate the culture of our Nation. Practically a holiday.

[This event is designed with those who walk the trods in mind – primarily Navarr but could also suit Grey Pilgrims wishing for a taste of their chosen between-summits lifestyle]


OC information:

This event will be held at our home site at the award winning Gunman Airsoft Eversley, Hampshire. We have access to both the main Alpha site and our sister site Bravo 2 miles up the road, and will also be making use of the public access land around our main 60 acre site.

The price is £75 – you can choose to pay in one go or select part payment, paying £35 now and £40 at registration on the Friday of the event.

As the Winds of War and Fortune for E1 have not yet come out, there is a possibility the region this event is set in will change. The current setting is north-western Miaren, near the border of Upwold.

This event has been sanctioned by Profound Decisions, and will have a low to moderate threat level, with the option of higher-stakes missions; these are opt-in.

On the Friday night the Wild West Town will be IC as a Marcher village on the Miaren/Upwold border, a common meeting-place due to its proximity near to what three years ago was the border with three other territories, now the enormous sinkhole known alternately as Lorenzo’s Deep Pockets or the Bloody Great Hole.

On Saturday night our Viking Village will be IC as the Steading of Dol Delyn. Players are welcome to set up in and around either settlement, either in IC tents or in the simple buildings that make up them both. These are first-come first-served and we only hold them in the event of access needs, and those members of the EYELarp community who worked on their building and maintenance get first dibs. There is also an OC camping area available.

Throughout Saturday we will be taking the party on a series of 2-3 hour walks, starting and ending in the OC area and car park, which are situated next to the Viking Village and Wild West Town. Players are expected to carry an IC pack with the things they’ll need while walking – eg. water, easy to eat snacks, weapons, travelling clothes for the weather. Heavier things can be transported on the handy below the abstraction layer oxcart! Players are also welcome to take the oxcart to the next waypoint, if in need of a rest.

The nearest stations are Fleet (10 minutes by car) and Blackwater (15 minutes by car). Organising car-shares from the station in the facebook event is advised as some taxis will not go down the dirt track that Eversley is at the end of.

Registration will open at 6pm on Friday – please come to the site office to sign in
Site safety briefing at 8.30pm Friday
Time in:
9pm Friday – 1am Saturday
10am Saturday – 1am Sunday
10am – 1pm Sunday

Several huts have flashing kits in place for frontier stoves, which can make winter camping here much more enjoyable. Others can use smokeless coal and fire bowls to heat the space. However, it is rarely as cold in the forest as it is at E1 in an open field.

Eversley is off-grid – we have no plumbing or mains electricity except what we bring onsite ourselves. We use a generator for electricity and have limited waterbutts for washing and boiling water. We advise bringing at least 2L drinking water per person per day, more in hot weather.

Stretch goals:
If we hit 30 attendees, we’ll be able to get a keg from our suppliers, which will be on the bar on Saturday night for IC prosperity prices.

Tickets are available via the PayPal button below. Please also fill out the contact form below so we can make an IC guest list (published on the event) and OC name list (not released publicly, but used at registration to ensure we have everyone in attendance)


WTLP – part payment ticket

The remaining £40 balance is payable at registration on Friday the 1st April 2022



WTLP – full payment ticket

The full balance on the ticket


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