At Feast Your Eyes we specialise in tailoring our menus to the theme you choose, be it a player event for your group from a larger larp system, social event or real life celebration. Below are just a few of the menus we have created for our events:

Our Ethos

We source as much as possible from local businesses – all our bread and the majority of our meat is from bakers and butchers in the nearby village of Hartley Wintney and our honey is from Pembrokeshire Wildflower Honey, collected by our friend George from his ethically-managed hives.

At Feast Your Eyes we don’t like hidden surprises in our meals – almost all our vegetarian options are vegan too, and we don’t hide meat in meals for the sake of bulking it out. We personally live by the “nose to tail eating” philosophy and use our locally sourced lamb and pork in its entirety.

When you buy a ticket for one of our events, or a meal ticket for an Eye Larp event, you will be given the option to tell us your dietary requirements, that way we can tailor the menu to suit the whole party.