Book your custom feast here!

Booking your private feast event is easy!

Depending on your preferences, tickets per person range from £35 to £50. This includes:

  • exclusive access to the Eversley Viking Village from 5pm Saturday until 10am Sunday on the date of your choice
  • An in-character tavern, stocked with a keg of local beer or cider
  • A personalised menu tailored to your setting and theme, served in the Viking longhall or al fresco around the firepit
  • Access to the other buildings in the Viking village for sleeping in, and space for camping if you prefer to bring your own IC or OC tent

Get in touch to find out about 2021 dates that may suit your party, all we need is a £100 deposit to secure it.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll get in touch and work out the specifics of your event; the menu, the sleeping arrangements, dietary and accessibility requirements and whether you’d like the tavern stocked with a keg of beer or cider – or both!

Then we’ll send you a private link to a ticket page for your event that you can share with your attendees. Once we have the minimum 15 bookings, we’ll refund you the booking fee.

Get in touch below if you’re interested in booking for 2021.

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